Monday 21 September 2015

Fixing UI issue using CSS in Open UI

 Hi All ,

 In my previous post i explained how to register a new css in siebel. In this post i will show you how to make changes in CSS and deploy on server.
 The steps are very simple.

 1. We need to use the console to identify the Object on which we need to make changes
    Press F12 and select Inspect element from the top left of the consle window.

Hover on the element you need to apply any change and click on the element.

CSS and HTML tags related to the element will be seen in the right corner of console.

Identify the element and test changes in the console, once changes have been identified we will move the changes to custom CSS file.

Issue : Fields Width is too small and text is not appearing properly

Solution : Identified the Class for the field and increased the field width.

2. Write the code in custom CSS file located on webserver under "swse/public/enu/files/custom/NewCss.css"
    Once you have idetified and tested the changes in console now you need to add the changes in CSS file

// custom CSS file

.siebui-align-left { width: 180px !important; } // For increasing the width


3. Clear browser cache and reload siebel application, and your are done.

Hope this was helpful ... 


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  2. Hi Rahul,

    Our siebel application is currently in IP 2013 version. As you know the shuttle applet is disappeared in IP 2013. Currently, we are not upgrading to further versions as well (We know shuttle applet is back from IP 2014).

    Hence, we need to have the shuttle applet with custom changes. As of now I am able to bring the Association Applet & MVG applet in top down fashion by making changes to applicationcontext.js file. Can you please let me know how to get the applets in side by side fashion through CSS?

    I tried debugging and used many functions float:left / float:right but none worked. Can you please help me out?



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