Tuesday 2 February 2021

Collapsible Applets in Siebel - Making Applets Mobile Friendly

 Hello All , 

With complex business process comes lot of Fields :-) , and with increased fields UI becomes more cumbersome.

Lets see a generic UI screen 

This can be converted in more manageable and UI friendly Applets.

Improved isn't it, share your thoughts in Comments

Disable Copy Record in Siebel Applets

 Hello All, 

This is very common requirement where we need to disable some particular operation on a applet i.e. New Record, Delete Record, Copy Record.

SRF solutions are many for these types of requirements ,Applet User Property, No Delete ,No Update, No Copy properties at applet and BC level.

Lets Try to Do this the Non-SRF way.

1. Create a Run Time Event , with Applet Object and SubEvent as CopyRecord

2. Create a Action Set, with below Configuration

Reload the events and see the changes, We have successfully Disable Copy Record without any SRF change :-)

Siebel GoTo View - Handling Realtime cases

 Hello All,  We all must have used GoTo view functionality of siebel to navigate to a particular view from current view. What if the require...