Saturday 11 February 2017

Error while Processing EIM job : SBL-EIM-00423: Unable to register with Dock Transaction Log.

Hello All,

Recently i faced an issue with siebel EIM job where after submitting the job below error was appearing.

"SBL-EIM-00423: Unable to register with Dock Transaction Log."

run task for component EIM with config='ABC.ifb'
SBL-ADM-60070: Error reported on server 'AAAAA' follows:
SBL-SVR-01042: Internal: Communication protocol error while instantiating new task SBL-EIM-00423: Unable to register with Dock Transaction Log.
SBL-EIM-00423: Unable to register with Dock Transaction Log.

the main issue of the error was, Siebel was not able to write the transaction log to S_DOCK_TXN_LOG table.

There can be many reasons for this issue.

  • Insufficient privilege to user SADMIN / SSE_ROLE on table S_DOCK_TXN_LOG to perform any update, insert ,select action.
  • Issue with Transaction components i.e.Transaction Processor, Transaction Router and Transaction Merge which are responsible for writing/inserting to S_DOCK_TXN_LOG table.

Resolution :

  • Verify access to SSE_ROLE  on table S_DOCK_TXN_LO, if there is no access provide acces using the command GRANT SELECT ON S_DCK_TXN_LOG_S TO SSE_ROLE if this does not resolve the issue proceed with next point 
  • Start all the Transaction components from Adminstration- Server Management, verify the state as running and retry the EIM task.


  • Disable Transaction logging for the EIM process, this can be done by adding following lines in the process section of IFB file


Hope this was helpful..

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