Thursday 8 August 2019

Handling Special Characters in Siebel Script

Hello All,

Recently i was working with a very basic requirement where in i had to restrict user from entering some special character in a fields.






We had done this earlier with the below code , though the code is perfect but still has some undesired looping

        var HouseNumber = this.GetFieldValue("House Number");
if ((HouseNumber != ""))
  var RegillegalChars = "\\-)(,:;@*_=?.`<>[]{}!£$%^&*#/~|+' '";
      for (c=0;c< RegillegalChars.length;c++)
    fax_char = RegillegalChars.substring(c,c+1);
    if (Regno.indexOf(fax_char,0) != -1)
TheApplication().RaiseErrorText("'House Number' contains the "+"\'"+ fax_char +"\'"+" char. This is not allowed.");
    }//for loop
i was going through some javascripts sites and found on more way of achieving this,

charCodeAt(0), function that checks for the first character in a variable

and using ascii values for the variable rather then the char value, so the code modified as

var HouseNumber = this.GetFieldValue("House Number");                                                
if(HouseNumber.charCodeAt(0) <= 47)
TheApplication().RaiseErrorText('Invalid Character!');                                                       

we avoided multiple loops, and achieved the same functionality :-)

*I have used 47, as the ASCII values for special characters are less then 47 , for complete list see below

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