Wednesday 24 April 2019

Refreshing an Applet in Siebel : FINS Teller to the Rescue

Hello All,

This is a very basic requirement where in we need to refresh the applet once some changes has been done to BC field or a new record has been added.

There are various approaches to this

1. Execute a blank query after doing you operation 

2. Execute RefreshBuscomp method of BC , 


3. My Favourite, FINS Teller UI Navigation, as this is vanilla BS and maintains the context of the selected record.


TheApplication().GetService("FINS Teller UI Navigation").InvokeMethod ("RefreshCurrentApplet", TheApplication(). NewPropertySet(), TheApplication().NewPropertySet());

or you can invoke the BS in the below syntax including the parameter "RefreshAll"

 var svc = TheApplication().GetService("FINS Teller UI Navigation");
 var psIn =  TheApplication(). NewPropertySet();
 var psOut =  TheApplication(). NewPropertySet();
 svc.InvokeMethod ("RefreshCurrentApplet", psIn, psOut) 

Favourites Windows in Siebel : Siebel Open UI Enhancement

Hello All, 

We have Recent record functionality in Siebel which is quite useful in navigation to recently accessed records.

Keeping the functionality as base and referring my Previous post on bookmarks, i have tried to implement a similar functionality, "My Favorites" 

In this functionality 

  • User can Mark a record as Favourite using the Button Add Favourite, You can give you Own Name to the favourites or it will take the Name with Entity + Row Id by Default 

  • The Added Favourite will appear in a floating window on the left corner of the screen

  • Clicking on the link will navigate the user to the detail of the record

  • There is no restriction of View/BO/Visibility i.e. if i am in Service View i can be navigated to any view
  • User can remove the Added link by clicking the X icon to keet the list updated 


  • This is based on Pure JavaScript, So lightweight
  • No Siebel BC/BO instance required
  • Works on 3rd Level View Tabs also i.e works on Parent-Child-Grandchild hierarchy as well
  • The List is stored in browser local storage so no Siebel data base is instantiated 
  • You can give you Own Name to the favorites or it will take the Name with Entity + Row Id by Default 

Short coming

N/A, As of now :-) 

Key Component of code 

get the exact URl formed when a record is navigated

  •  k = window.location.href;   

Appending to list each time Add favourite is clicked
  • $('#favorite-links').append('<li><a href="'+k+'">'+finaltext+'</a><button class="removebtn">x</button></li>');

Storing the List to local Storage of browser

  • localStorage.setItem('vk-links', $('#favorite-links').html());

Link to File 

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