Tuesday 12 March 2019

Bookmarks in Siebel : Use of Browser Web Storage

Hello All,

Recently i tried to mimic one very important feature of browser, the bookmarks.
Bookmarks store our saved web pages/ links to important websites which we want to visit again or are frequently accessed by us.

So i tried to built something in siebel UI wherein i can store some important websites and access them from siebel only.

Web storage which is property of browser, is the key to store this data.

Below is the sample solution ,                               

Links Applet on Home Page

Option to Add new link

Working Solution 

  • Need a Container to capture the website information and store it in web storage 

var a = '<div id="container"><div id="header"><h2>My Favorite Links</h2><small>save your best links</small></div><div id="content"><ul id="favorite-links"><li><a href="http://www.siebelfoundations.com">Siebel Foundations</a><button class="removebtn">x</button></li><li><a href="http://www.google.com">Google</a><button class="removebtn">x</button></li><li><a href="https://support.oracle.com/">Oracle Support</a><button class="removebtn">x</button></li></ul><div id="new-link-button"><button>Add New Link</button></div></div><div id="add-link-form" style="display: block;"><label>Title</label><br><input id="title" placeholder="Title here"><br><label>URL</label><br><input id="url" value="http://"><br><button id="add">Save Link</button></div></div>'

$('#_swecontent').prepend(a);  // append it to page

  • Since this information is stored in web storage, values persists even after logout of application and no siebel files, Database is required

localStorage.setItem('vk-links', $ul.html());   // use of web storage       

Sample code for this can be found on , https://codepen.io/4gray/pen/glGun


  • If we clear browser cache the values stored in web stores vanishes.


  • No Database, Files, Preference file is accessed 
  • Lightweight and customizable to include links to internal screens and views (haven't yet explored this but feasible) --Tried to extend this functionality for Siebel View Navigation and it worked see article 

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