Tuesday 11 August 2015

Changing login password in Siebel

Hi All ,

Recently i had a requirement where in we had  to give user the  option of changing their login password ,for tise siebel has given default functionality for password change.

1.Navigate to User Preference - Profile view

2. There are two fields Password and Verify Password, enter new password here and save the record.

and its done now you can login with the changed password.

Note : The functionality is available for only DB users ,users with Active Directory login (LDAP) cannot update their password using this approach.

Issues with this functionality.

By default the fields Password and Verify password are non-editable ,you can not enter any values in the fields, to enable the fields some changes need to be made at component level in Server.

1. Navigate to Admin - Server Configuration.

2. Go to Profile Configuration

 Query for profile "DB Security Adapter"

3.In the Parameter Applet find the record ,"Propagate Change" and change its value to True.

4. Restart the Siebel Server and you are done, Now the field will be editable.

Hope this was helpful ..cheers..

Sunday 9 August 2015

Configuring a Workflow to Send Email Notification

Hi all, recently i had a requirement where i  hadto configure a step in workflow to alow notification to be send to user as Email.
this can be done by invoking Business Service Outbound Communication Manager using a workflow or using a custom script.

I used the below approach.

1. Create a Business Service step in workflow.
     Service Name : Outbound Communications Manager
     Service Method : CreateRequest

2. Pass the Required arguments as Input in the Business Service step.
    CommProfileOveride : Test Exchange Profile
    SourceIdList : ObjectId (rowid of the record whose value will be substituted in Email Template)
    TestAddress : Email Address to send mail (Overrides the value specified in Recipient group)
    RecipientGroup : Recipient List to Send mail to  (Optional)
    PackageNameList : Name Of Email Template

the method CreateRequest submits a request to server and that request us processed Asynchronously,
method CreateRequestSync can be used to create synchronous request.

Also, there is another method of Outbound Communications Manager to Send mail "SendMessage". I will explain difference of both method in my next post...

Friday 7 August 2015

Pop Up applet on Button Click in Siebel

Hi All ,

I recently had a requirement where i had to popup a applet on button click. The approach is simple we need to call create a button with method ShowPopup and definr a applet which we want to show as popup.
1.Create a control of Type MiniButton
2.Define Method as ShowPopup
3.In Control User property , give the following details.

Mode : Edit
Popup : Name of Applet to show as popup.

Note: Applet with class "CSSSWEFramePopup" or its child classes can only be opened as popup.

we can also configure the case if we need to Open different applets on Same button click depending on certain criteria.

SQL Error While Applying DDL to Table in Local Database

While Developement with Local Database i faced the error "SQL Error Creating table Dummy Table to Verify Previleges" when i tried to Apply DDL to a table after adding a new column.
I was providing my LOCAL db credentials for the process but it showed following errors.

1.SQL Error Creating table Dummy Table to Verify Previleges , 
2.42000 (-121): [Siebel Database][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Anywhere]Permission denied: you do not have permission to use the "CREATE TABLE" statement

for removing the error we need to pass the following credentials rather than Local DB credentials.

UserName : SIEBEL
Pwd : Local DB Password

Siebel GoTo View - Handling Realtime cases

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