Sunday 9 August 2015

Configuring a Workflow to Send Email Notification

Hi all, recently i had a requirement where i  hadto configure a step in workflow to alow notification to be send to user as Email.
this can be done by invoking Business Service Outbound Communication Manager using a workflow or using a custom script.

I used the below approach.

1. Create a Business Service step in workflow.
     Service Name : Outbound Communications Manager
     Service Method : CreateRequest

2. Pass the Required arguments as Input in the Business Service step.
    CommProfileOveride : Test Exchange Profile
    SourceIdList : ObjectId (rowid of the record whose value will be substituted in Email Template)
    TestAddress : Email Address to send mail (Overrides the value specified in Recipient group)
    RecipientGroup : Recipient List to Send mail to  (Optional)
    PackageNameList : Name Of Email Template

the method CreateRequest submits a request to server and that request us processed Asynchronously,
method CreateRequestSync can be used to create synchronous request.

Also, there is another method of Outbound Communications Manager to Send mail "SendMessage". I will explain difference of both method in my next post...


  1. Hi Rahul,

    We need to mention below 2 parameters in 'CreateRequest'. --

    1. RecipientGroup
    2. RecipientBusComp

    It would be helpful, if you can elaborate abouh these 2 parameters. I searched multiple blogs, but my idea is still not clear.

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  3. Thanks for providing recent updates regarding the concern, I look forward to read more.


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