Monday 20 July 2015

Hidden methods of Outbound Communication Manager Business Service

Hi all.
Recently i had a requirement to integrate SMS functionality in siebel while exploring the solution for this i found one method 'ExpandCommTemplate' of Outbound Communication Manager which is used to convert the template content to Process Property which can be used in siebel workflows.
I used this method to convert the Template data to process property and sent the data in SMS body. I will post the details of how to send SMS in upcoming posts.

Business Service Name : Outbound Communication Manager
Business Service Method : ExpandCommTemplate

In Multi Value property window specify the following detals.

CommTemplateName : Name of Template
SourceBusObj : Name of  Business Object
SourceId : Object Id of record

The output is returned as Output argument.
ExpandedText, contains the template body
ExpandSubject, contains the template subject.
these values can be stored in Process Properties and can be used further.

Hope this was helpful .. cheers

Thursday 2 July 2015

Passing inputs from one workflow to sub workflow in Siebel

Hi all . i had a requirement to pass process properties from main workflow to sub process , the approach is very simple we can easily pass process properties from a workflow to sub process input arguments and also get the  output from the sub process in output arguments.
1.We need to create process properties in the parent workflow and map the process properties to process properties created in sub process.
2.for example suppose we need to pass say Card Number to sub process for this
#Create a process property in workflow say CardNumber also create a process property in sub process say CardNum
#In property window of sub process ,pass CardNumber in input argument and map this with CardNum of child sub process.
#If we need to get any output from sub process map the process property of main workflow and sub process in output argument.
See below for illustration.

Define sub Process in Main Workflow

Define Input Arguments 

Define Output Arguments

hope this was helpful .. cheers ..

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