Monday 9 January 2017

Improving Siebel Dashboard, Integrating Siebel Dashboard with BI Publisher

Hello All,

I was recently checking our Dashboards for other CRM application like MS CRM, Sales force and found those very interactive with reports, charts and graphs on the dashboard itself.

MS CRM Dashboard: 

Salesforce Dashboard:

 So i tried to achieve something similar in Siebel too.

Here's what i finally got.

I tried to Display Chart, Bar Graphs and Service Request pdf on the dashboard to give modern look and feel to application.

 unlike Vanilla Siebel Dashborad that only display list applet and Calendar.

The concept here is very simple, i am using BI publisher to read user's data and present it in multiple format. This can also be done using Siebel Open UI where various plugins can be used to convert applet in charts and graphs but this solution is completely Siebel Configuration just requiring BI publisher.

Now what to show and how to show is completely dependent on your requirement, whether we require to show fixed data for each user or user specific data.

Your suggestions and ideas are welcome, i am looking forward to make it more interactive.


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