Friday 6 January 2017

Siebel eMail integration : Part Five, Creating a Service Request from Email Body

Hello All,

In this post we shall be looking at more advance feature of creating a new record(Service Request in this case) by extracting data from incoming email.

The basic concept is same like in previous post , we will check the Subject and based on Subject call the specific workflow process.

Important Steps are,

  • Reading Mail Body, we will use my favorite service, Inbound E-mail Manager, ParseText method 

ParseText, method reads the Field value in the format [Description]%s[ , i.e. it will extract the value in %s and that will be passes in a process property.

so like this we can get the values of the fields we require and save then in Process property.

  • Now, once we have the values to enter for SR creation , we can either create any custom process or can use any vanilla BS like Inbound E-mail Database Operations to insert record in database.

  • Now we need to send Notification mail to Requester with details of Service Request created for this we can use Siebel Outbound Communications Manager. We will require SR Id which we just created for this.

  • Sample Acknowledgement Templates

Incoming Mail ,

Response Mail,

Templates can be customized as per user requirement, hope this was helpful..

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