Saturday 31 December 2016

Siebel eMail integration : Part Four, Reading a SR Number from Email Subject

In previous Post we read subject of Mail using Inbound Email Manager GetTokens methood and sent Help Template in return,
In this post we will configure our process to read Subject and perform certain Operations.

  • Status(Query)
  • Submit(Create)
  • Update
  • Delete

lets take example for Searching a Service Request.

Let us suppose the sample subject is on format,

Subject : STATUS SR#

Approach : since we have to read the subject that has status keyword and SR# we need to get the fetch their values. We will use BS Inbound Email Manager and GetTokens method, since there are two words in Subject we will have to pass NumOfToken as 2 in input and get SR number in Output


here Service Request Number process property will contain the value of SR Number. Which we will pass further to query SR in database.

Query SR,

only task now left is sending Mail with the required details we fetched using above step.

For more details refer workflow  "eMail Response - SR Status"

sample Email, 

Template can be modified as per requirement ..Hope this was helpful .

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