Tuesday 13 December 2016

Error when trying to Change Login from Employee Screen,operation is not supported by your security adapter (SBL-DAT-00567)

Hello All,

One of my colleague recently showed me a strange error "The requested operation is not supported by your security adapter. Please contact your system administrator if you feel the operation should have been supported.(SBL-DAT-00567)" , he got the error when trying to change login Name in employee screen for a user.

At first i was clueless about what this error could be then i delineate the behavior and analysed why was it appearing.

The reason is very clear, There are two type of authentication in Siebel, Database and LDAP with LDAP authentication this issue was not observed. This was appearing for Database only, the reason is setting of database security adapter(DBSecAdptPropagateChange parameter to TRUE.

PropagateChange parameter when set to true propagates the changes to Database as we have functionality to change password for Siebel directly from Profile option (http://www.siebelfoundations.com/2015/08/changing-login-password-in-siebel.html).
So when this parameter set to true and user tries to change the Login Name it tries to Propagate the changes to database or basically it tries to alter the user name which is not allowed.
Hence the error pops up.

This is my understanding of the behavior, any clarification welcomed :-) ...

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