Tuesday 27 December 2016

How to enable Server Component in Siebel

Hello All,

Many times we have to enable particular server components which we generally do not use. Recently was setting up Siebel Email Inegration but Siebel Communication components were not enable on Server.
So i had to enable the component Group and Synchronize it to make them available for use.

1. Navigate to Admin Server - Configuration

2. In component group search for the particular component group

Click on Enable Button and verify the state is Enabled

3. Under components verify for each components Enabled on Server flag is checked in Component Assignment Group Applet.

4. Once Verified, Navigate to Synchrionize Tab and select the required component and click Synchronze button

Restart Siebel Enterprise Server and Gateway Name Server ... Components will now be available under component view in Administration - Server Management.

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