Wednesday 28 December 2016

Siebel eMail integration : Part Three, Reading a Mail and sending reply

In this Post i will explain setup of Response Mail in reply to an incoming mail.

Goal : Configure a Template to return the user with the Help template listing the right steps of using the Functionality and correct template syntax.

We can use the Vanilla workflow eMail Response - Process Service Request for configuring this ..

Some Important BS used in the Process:

More details about the BS is available on Bookshelf

  • First step is to read the workflow and understand what does we require from it, it contains certain validations and checks on Email , Organization.

  • Extract the required fields using Workflow Utility BS, we require these fields for further processing.
Sender's Email
Receiver's Profile
Time etc..

  • Call Sub Process based on subject keyword, In this case we are calling HELP sub process to send us help template.

Finally define the action to be done in Sub Process.

Here we are sending back mail to the recipient from which we received mail. Refer this to understand how to send mail using workflows.

Working Sample Mails :

Incoming Mail: 

Response Mail :

Hope this was helpfull,,, keywords can be setup as per your choice... 

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