Thursday 26 November 2015

Unlock Objects for Local/Sample Database

Hi All , we all might need to unlock certain objects in our Local or Sample database while development.

I am compiling a list of all the used object unlock SQL statement that can be useful.


UPDATE siebel.s_table tab SET tab.obj_locked_flg = 'N', tab.obj_locked_date = null, tab.obj_locked_by = null, tab.obj_locked_lang = null WHERE = 'S_CONTACT';



UPDATE siebel.s_buscomp bc SET bc.obj_locked_flg = 'N', bc.obj_locked_date = NULL, bc.obj_locked_by = null, bc.obj_locked_lang = null WHERE bc.row_id = '1-xxxx';



UPDATE siebel.s_service serv SET serv.obj_locked_flg = 'N', serv.obj_locked_date = NULL, serv.obj_locked_by = null, serv.obj_locked_lang = null WHERE serv.row_id = '1-xxxx';



UPDATE siebel.s_applet appl SET appl.obj_locked_flg = 'N', appl.obj_locked_date = NULL, appl.obj_locked_by = null, appl.obj_locked_lang = nullWHERE = 'ABC Applet';



UPDATE siebel.s_project  AS proj SET proj.locked_flg = 'N', proj.locked_date = NULL WHERE = 'Sample Project Name';


Tuesday 10 November 2015

Siebel can give you sleepless nights :-) ,if not configured properly

Hello All,
Recently we had some issue with our new dev environment where in Siebel Server components were crashing and were not coming online by executing start component commands and from Admin - Server Management, we had to restart siebel enterprise server all the time if any component shhudown unexpectedly. Also because of some uknown reasons many componets like Generate Triggers, Database Extract , Communiation Outbound Manager, Communication Inbound Processor were not comming online at all.

Log files were flodded with errors

SBL-SVR-00029: Internal: Shared memory has not been initialized. 

SBL-SVR-00011: Required argument, (null), is missing\n", 

CommInboundProcessor 26574 SBL-OSD-02011 Process 26574 exited with error - Process exited because of a segment violation (SIGSEGV) 

eMediaObjMgr_enu 25472 TERMINATED Process 25472 was terminated 

loyaltyscwObjMgr_enu 25526 TERMINATED Process 25526 was terminated  

CommInboundRcvr 25191 TERMINATED Process 25191 was terminated 

Process 25231 exited with error - Process exited because it received signal SIGABRT

after much of analysis we noticed that under Admin - Server Management , Components
many components were online and most of them were unnecessary ,we then set the unnecessary components on Manual startup and restarted the gateway and Siebel enterprise server and finally server components were up and there were no component crash.

so what was happening that On startup load on server was too heavy because of unwanted components which were installed and that was causing OS to run out of thread which generally referenced by the following error 

SBL-SMI-00063: Internal: Error 852173 creating a service thread (11) or SBL-OSD-00205: Internal: pthread_create() failed with error 11.

So while instaling siebel server it should be carefully chosen that which are the required components and only required components should be installed.

Happy Debugging....

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