Tuesday 13 December 2016

Automating User Creation in Siebel

Hello All,

This is very basic requirement where you want some process to create users in Siebel directly and you do not have to create them manually in database.

Let me describe the working scenario for this.

There are two types of Authentication in Siebel

  • Siebel Database Authentication 
  • Siebel LDAP/ADSI Authentication 
for LDAP authentication user need not to be present in siebel database only a record in Employee screen with a Login name is sufficient to access siebel but for Database authentication user has to be there in siebel database (DBA_USER) also along with Employee table.

So creating a user for DB based Access requires two steps configuration, creating user in Employee screen and other in Database.

Recently i had this requirement to automate the User Creation so that each time  need not create the user in database it is created automatically when entered in application.

Approach is pretty simple, combination of  Run Time Event and Script served my purpose.

  • Create a RTE base on User/Employee Business Component on WriteRecord event
  • Create a Action Set to call Business Service, passing Current Record's Id as input 
  • Write a Server Side BS (Why not client side? because of changes in Siebel Security model read this for more details http://www.siebelfoundations.com/2016/05/unable-to-access-file-system-using.html)
Create a Event based on Employee BC

Set ID of the record as Profile attribute to be used in Business Service

Call Business Service

Sample Business Service Code ;

This Code creates the user and password with LOGIN NAME in Database by calling shell file.

shell file code :

echo "In Shell File"
sqlplus SIEBEL/SIEBEL@DATABASE @/u01/SBA_81/siebsrvr/UserCreation/User.sql $1

this shell file in turn calls User.sql file to run create user command.

Sql Code :

create user &1 identified by &1;
grant sse_role to &1;

Hope this was helpful .. for any queries or script please contact me ..

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