Sunday 22 January 2017

Blank Screen Appearing in Oracle BI Publisher, Integrated with Siebel

Hello All,

Recently i was facing a strange issue where no data was appearing in BI Publisher, blank screen was appearing and we could not work.
We have BIP installed on Oracle Weblogic server so we tried to look for the resoultion.

  • Oracle Weblogic was Running
  • NodeManager was Runninng and 
  • All BI Services were Up and running 

Still we were getting blank page in BI catalog.

Many Suggestions were given on bookshelf to check for password, User Permissions, JBDC database connectivity, Server Restart etc. but still error persists.
Finally we tried to look for the issue from Siebel perspective and the culprit was siebel EAI component.

in BI administration we define siebel data base connectivity parameters to allow BIP to access siebel data under the below screen,

Define siebel EAI connect string with username and password to fetch data from siebel.

I my case EAI_ENU was down so it did not fetch any data resulting in blank screen after successful startup of component issue was resolved

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