Thursday 7 March 2019

Tree Hierarchy in Siebel Open UI

Hello All,

In this post let us try to show data from a Entity in a Tree structure, to show a 360 Degree view all related entities in one place

Use Case, 

For any Entity Say contact if we need to See its related Opportunities, Account or Orders, we need to first drill down on contact and from 3rd level view bar navigate to particular view to see its details,

This approach can bring in all related entities in one view so avoiding any drill down and additional Navigation 


  • The implementation of its solution is very simple, we need to capture full details of current Contact in XML format so we can use any IO based on contact, 
  • Get IO Hierarchy using EAI Siebel Adapter Business Service 
  • Get XML by converting IO Hierarchy to XML using EAI XML Converter

Now we have XML, we need to display the XML in Expandable Format to mimic a tree structure,

You can have multiple modification in the structure to include Drill downs, color combination etc.

Sample Code,


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