Wednesday 24 April 2019

Refreshing an Applet in Siebel : FINS Teller to the Rescue

Hello All,

This is a very basic requirement where in we need to refresh the applet once some changes has been done to BC field or a new record has been added.

There are various approaches to this

1. Execute a blank query after doing you operation 

2. Execute RefreshBuscomp method of BC , 


3. My Favourite, FINS Teller UI Navigation, as this is vanilla BS and maintains the context of the selected record.


TheApplication().GetService("FINS Teller UI Navigation").InvokeMethod ("RefreshCurrentApplet", TheApplication(). NewPropertySet(), TheApplication().NewPropertySet());

or you can invoke the BS in the below syntax including the parameter "RefreshAll"

 var svc = TheApplication().GetService("FINS Teller UI Navigation");
 var psIn =  TheApplication(). NewPropertySet();
 var psOut =  TheApplication(). NewPropertySet();
 svc.InvokeMethod ("RefreshCurrentApplet", psIn, psOut) 

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