Wednesday 23 December 2015

Configuring Constraint Picklist in Siebel

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This sort of requirement is very common in projects, where we want to show only restricted data in Dropdown based on value of Other field or dropdown.
for achieving this we are actually constraining the data based on some field ,so the value based on which we are restricting the data can be called as constrained.

for example suppose we have a case of Country and States and we want to restrict the value of states depending the country ,in this case since the value of State which will appear in dropdown depends on the value of Country so we can say the constrain is on County.

Configuring this is very simple in Tools ,

1. Under Field Pickmap ,select the value of field on which to apply constraint.(Country in our Case)

2. Enter the field with which to match the constraint in Picklist Field. In My case since the LOV was not based on PickList Hierarchical  BC so we can not use Parent value directly, here i have provided Description in the Field.

3. The Last step now is to enter Country Name in Description field in List Of Value for the State LOV.

and you are done Now for County India , state with Value Defined in LOV will only appear.

Note: There is some major difference between Constrain Picklist and Hierarchical Picklist

Hierchial Picklist are based on PickList Hierarchical BC can only be constrained on value in Parent LIC in LOV.
where as Constraint Picklist we need to Specify the Picklist field on which to apply constraint.

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