Friday 10 June 2016

Siebel Data Validation Manager

Hi All,

In this post i will explain about siebel data validation manager and its advantages over Applet or BC level scripting.

Data Validation Manager aka DVM, is a Business Service that can validate business component data based on a set of rules. In the case of a rule violation, a custom error message appears or a user-defined error code is returned.

Advantages of DVM over Scripting :
  • SRF Independent
  • No downtime required for adding/modifying rules
  • Executes before any applet/BC events
  • Works at application level
Creating a DVM :

1. Navigate to Administration - Data Validation 

2. Under Rule Set create new record.

  • Sequence Number : Specifies Order of execution
  • Expression : Sepcifies expression to validate
  • Business Component : BC Name 
  • Apply To : Current Record on which to perform validation
  • Return Code : Error message to return
3. Validation Message/Return code is defined in Validation Message view

4. DVM can be called using run time event on various events, to create a RTE follow below steps

Navigate to Administration - Runtime Events, create new action set 

  • Business Service Name : enter Data Validation Manager in this field
  • Business Service Method : enter Validate in this field

Now Activate rule set from rule set view ,status of rule set should be changed to Active and Reload run time events and you are done.

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