Friday 7 December 2018

Siebel Recent Record Enhancement

Hello All,

In this Post i want to show the functionality of Recent Records, this functionality by default is provided for most of the Home Screens, Like Contact Home, Opportunity Home, SR Home

  • Contact Home View

So i tried to extend this to Show recent records from all the Major entities in Home Screen itself.

so the outcome is you can have a quick view of all your major entities in one place.

Before Going to the solution lets try to understand how Siebel CRM displays recent Record.

Applet : Different Applets for different Entities
BC : Recent Record (Single BC is used for this)

the key here is User property of BC "Recent Record Track BC-BO Name"

Name : Recent Record Track BC-BO Name
Value : BC Name

This user Property Specify the BO name and the Corresponding BC for the BO
See attached screen shot below for Recent Record BC in tools


This is how the final solution will look, Recent record from all the frequently used entities in one place.

The beauty of this solution is that this is completely sSiebel Configuration and no Javascript , PM/PR file required for this.

Note. : This Post is inspired form my bestie Yogesh Mishra's (c/o post on recent record ,though i am late by 2 years :-) but its said better late then never. (this is pure Javascript base plugin and is very useful)

Now Coming to solution part .

1. Since the Recent record functionality is driven by BC Recent Record and BC for which is defined from user Property "Recent Record Track BC"

2. We Need some way to feed the BO, BC combination to show records for a particular entity

3. The solution i could come up is ,
  • create new Applet (clone of any already created Recent Record applet e.g. Recent Record Action List Applet Clone)
  • and Create a new BC (clone of Recent Record and only pass the BO for Home Screen and BC name for the Required Entity)

for different entities create Separate Applets and BC's.

your suggestions and comments are always welcome..

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