Friday 17 April 2020

Working With Attachments in Siebel IO's

Hello All,

Recently I had a requirement wherein, i was required to share the attachment with Order over WebService.

This seems a bit tricky, but siebel has made it Possible via the IO based structure. We have to use IO that has the attachment IC and when we retrieve the Hierarchy of the IO, we can see the output of attachment IC and it is in MIME format encode with BASE64 encoding.

Now the target system has to read the file buffer and decode using any online Decoder or write a custom decoder.

Sample Structure looks like ,

More details can be found in bookshelf link ,


  1. Hi Rahul,
    I am also working on a requirement where I need to create an attachment in Siebel but the binary data has to come via inbound REST. How can we get the Binary data from JSON and create attachment in Siebel.

  2. Hello Piyush,

    from REST it is not possible as Siebel does not support Attachments in REST. it might be supported in IP20.5 but not sure.
    You will have to use Siebel SOAP web service only to achieve this,
    for example , you need to attach a file to Contact
    1. Create a IO with below structure
    Contact (Primary IC), Contact Attachment (child IC)
    2. Call EAI Siebel Adapter Update method and pass the binary of Attachement here,

    sample IO Upsert message will look like

    /Contact IC
    buffer:>00sdsds4444(Binary of attachment)

    please refer bookshelf for exact syntax, mail me at in case any clarification


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