Wednesday 21 October 2020

Disabling Copy Paste in Siebel Fields - List applets

 Hello All, 

In my previous post ,

i explained how can we disable any UI feature like Copy, Paste, Cut on a field. The limitation of the previous post was that the code works for only form applets, as for list applets we do not have a unique selector (we have multiple columns and we cannot get a unique identifier)

So we can use the Like (*) selector of JQUERY framework, and can extend the functionality for list applets too,


here the Id of first record is 2_s_1_l_Contact_Last_Name, for 2nd it will be 2_s_2_l_Contact_Last_Name ,, likewise for subsequent records.

We can use the * operator and pass the common parameter, 'Contact_Last_Name' in this case, and it will apply to all records in list applet

$( "td[id*='Contact_Last_Name']").bind('copy paste cut',function(e) {


alert('cut,copy & paste options are disabled on this Field!!');


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