Wednesday 31 March 2021

Creating a Lookup Relation in Salesforce

 Hello All, 

Many times we require data from other entity being stored and referenced in source entity. i.e. Account Details in Opportunity.

We have Lookup relationship type for implementing the requirement, so lookup defines a way to get fields data from some Target entity to the source Entity

let see a simple scenario, we require to bring Financer to Opportunity (Financer is a type of Account with Type having value Technology Partner)

1. Setup- Objects - Fields ,click New

Select Lookup Relationship

2. Select the Target Entity, Since i need to fetch account details i will choose Account.

3. Provide Field Label and Description, 

there are Option to make the Fields Required, by Ticking the Required Flag

and option for deleting the Relationship (clear the value or do not delete)  

4. Now Comes the Important part, setting the Filter Criteria

As mentioned in the beginning, i need to show Account in the Lookup, that have Type as Technology Partner.

Select the field in Account on which we need to Filter 

Account:Type ,and in value choose Technology Partner from the Popup List.

Now when we see the Financer in the Form , we see only Records that match the Filter Criteria specified. Save and add field on the layout. 

I will be covering some more complex scenarios in upcoming posts.

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