Thursday 2 April 2015

How to test Email Notification in Siebel using "Outbound Communications Manager"...

Hi All ... recently i had some issue in my project when no mail notification was sent to user .I tried to trigger sample mail for my email id to confirm if Communication Profiles was properly setup. So to trigger a mail from a particular user Id we can use Business Service "Outbound Communications Manager"  and method "SendMessage"

  • Goto Administration - Business Service
  • Simulate View ,Enter Business Service Name and Method

  • In the Input Argument ,enter Property Name and Property Value

Note: MsgSubject is the subject of Message(Optional)
          MsgBody is the Body of Message(Optional)
          MsgToList is the mail Id of person
          CommProfile is the Communication profile for the system

If the communication profile is properly setup mail will be sent to the specified email id.

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