Thursday 2 April 2015

Working with Siebel Applets ...

Hi ..let us do some hands on exercise with Siebel applcation , lets take a very simple requirement

1. Under Accounts Screen in Account List View
 (Refer to know the terms screens ,views and their relationship) customer can see Country and City fields in list applet but the fields are not in form applet ,the requirement is to display the field in form applet also.

Approach to solve the requirement.

  • Identify the Applets and their corresponding Business Component.
  • Identify if the fields which are to be added exist in BC or do we need to create new ? (in our case fields are already on BC we need to just expose them on form applet)


  • Get the name of Applet and corresponding BC, use help --> About View                                                          
  •  Note the name of Applet                                                                                                                           
  • Goto Tools --> Object Explorer and search for the Applet , Lock the applet and Add the fields City and Country (as these fields are already available on BC we need not create new field)           
  • Open Applet Web Layout by right clicking the applet and add the newly added fields in web layout                                                                                                                                                      
  • Compile the Applet by right clicking the applet and select compile  
you can now login in application and confirm the changes.
The requirement was very simple and basic it can be modified to a bit difficult one if the field which need to added are not already on BC in that case you need to analyse how to create those fields do you need to extend the table to create new fields or fields can be fetched from Joins/link with other BC. I will take this sort of requirement in next post till then happy reading :-)...


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