Monday 30 March 2015

First encounter with Siebel..

Let us know the general terms used in siebel and get familiar with the Application UI and know the basic entities with which we will be dealing while configuring the application.
Important terms used in Siebel
  • Navigation
  • Screens
  • Link bar
  • Views
  • Business Objects
  • Business Components
  • Applets
  • Siebel Tools
  • Siebel Web Client
  • Siebel Repository File (SRF)


 Siebel Login page


 Siebel Tools UI


Most common entities which a developer works on in Siebel are:

Business Component
  • logical entity that associates columns from one or more tables into a single structure
  • provide a layer of wrapping over tables
  • applets reference business components rather than the underlying tables

  • Gets the data from the Business Component
  • Each list or form applet references only one BC

Business Object
  • Collection of related Business Component
  • Organizes the relationship  between Business Component, referred by different applets so that related data can be displayed in a view

  • Collection of multiple applets
  • Based on a Business Object

  • Collection of multiple views
  • Are Defined in the Application

Illustration of the relation between different entities.

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