Tuesday 26 May 2015

How to change the Default Scale of Currency in Siebel

In Siebel Application most of the currencies are defined by default and you can add one if its not present or change the definition of already existing one.

To Define a currency follow the below steps

1.Navigate to the Administration - Data screen, then the Currencies view.

2.Create a new record, and complete the necessary fields.

 Some fields are described in the following table.
Type the three-letter code for the currency.
Type the name of the currency.
Issuing Country
Select the country that issues the currency.
Type the symbol for the currency, such as $.
Type the number of places after the decimal for displaying currency in the interface. For example, U.S. Dollars has a scale of 2 to accommodate the cents, so an amount appears as $10.50. If the scale were 1, this same amount appears as $10.5.
Smallest Denomination
Type the smallest unit of currency available. For instance, the smallest unit of currency for the U.S. Dollar is one cent, or .01 dollars. If there were no cents, the scale would still be 2, but the smallest denomination would be $0.05.

as mentioned in table Scale defines the number of places after the decimal(right side), it can be set to any number depending on the requirement or the smallest unit of  currency. For example one Rupee has 100 paisa so the smallest denomination can be set to .01 to define the value of 1 paisa.
recently i had a requirement while implementing siebel loyalty project where i had to define the value of loyalty points in terms of money and one point was equal to .025 USD , so when i was trying to set this value it got roundoff to .03 as scale was defined to 2 and smallest denomination set to .01 USD so to get the things done i had to set the scale to 3 and smallest denomination to .001 now the value is being set to .025

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