Thursday 7 May 2015

How to configure a Dynamic Drilldown in Siebel and Importance of Thread Applet ..

Hi All ,

Recently i had a requirement to configure a Drilldown based on Service Request Type.
The condition was that user should be redirected to different view on clicking SR Number depending on the Type of Service Request.
so to achieve this i had to configure a dynamic drilldown.
To summarise the condition,

Field SR Type View
SR Number HR HR Detail View
SR Number QMS QMS Detail View
SR Number Procurement Procurement Detail View
SR Number Finance Finance Detail View
SR Number Legal Legal Detail View

Steps to follow:
1. Configure a Default Drilldown Object and Define other Drilldown Objects as shown below.

I used QF Human Resource as default Drilldown and specified the views to which it should redirect, also created other drilldown objects here and had defined the conditions to invoke them as Dynamic drilldown destination.

2.Under the default Drildown Object select Dynamic Drilldown Destination and define the condition specifying which Drilldown Object to Invoke if the field value matches to the value of record.

 here field value of SR Type is being matched and id it matches to any Drildown Destination object , that pariculat drilldown object is called ,if the value does not matches then default drilldown is executed.

Compile the changes and your dynamic drilldown should work perfectly fine.

I encountered some issue the configuring the drilldown, after i clicked on the Hyperlink field it always navigated me to same record irrespective of the SR Type. So  had to do a bit of investigation to understand the actual thing that happens when a drilldown is executed. The navigation after clicking on a hyperlink to the view is controlled by the thread applet and thread applet field defined at the view level , the Id of current record is matched against the Id of thread Applet field and if the id matches then the user is navigated to right record else the user will be navigated to the first record in the database for the entity.

Hope this was helpful ,Thank you..

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