Thursday 28 May 2015

Field Value Appearing in Drill down Label rather than label on Form Applet ..

Hi All in my previous post ( i have explained how to configure drill down on form applet ,but there is a limitation to this configuration.

This works fine with siebel HI application where Drill down is shown on label but in Open UI the label shows the field value as hyperlink.
After searching for some solution for the issue i found a work around.
1.Create a calculated field on the BC with calculate value as the value to be shown as label of drill down.

2.On Applet Create a control based on the New created calculated field.

3.Create a new drill down object with value of  Hyperlink Field as new created control and provide the Destination view and Source Id field.

 (Here Add the value Contact Info in Hyperlink field)

compile the changes and now the drill down works fines and on label field value is shown as we have made it calculated field and provided the label in calculated value so it always shows the Label rather then field value.
Note: This is just a workaround for the issue not a permanent fix.


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