Sunday 20 March 2016

Creating Siebel Install image from archive files provided from eDelivery

Hello all,

This is very basic yet important thing in setting up siebel environment. Siebel downloadable are provided by oracle and can be downloaded from Oracle support or eDelivery link. Next step follows is to extract the downloaded jar files and run the utility to create the Install Image

The Exact steps can be summarized as

  • Download the Software from  eDelivery or MOS - Patches & Updates.
  • Extract the jar files to a folder 
  • Open Command prompt set JAVA_HOME and run command snic.bat

  • It will Open the wizard , select the required option, you can either create a new image or install languages to existing image file. 

  • Click Next and select the Install Image directory

  • Select the Platform of the Machine

  • Select the components to be Installed (ie. SES/SWSE)

  • Finally select the Languages to be Installed (you can select multiple languages and create image if the deployment is to be multilingual else you will have to recreate the image at later time)

After these steps Install Image will be created in the mentioned directory.

Hope this was helpful....

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