Friday 25 March 2016

Error when Invoking siebel webservice from external System SBL-EAI-04313

Hello All,

Recently we faceed an issue where external system which was using Siebel Inbound web services to push data in Siebel had error

<faultstring>There is no active Web Service with operation named ' Upsert'.(SBL-EAI-04313)</faultstring>
<siebelf:siebdetail xmlns:siebelf=""><siebelf:logfilename>EAIObjMgr_enu_0021_22020145.log</siebelf:logfilename><siebelf:errorstack>
<siebelf:errorcode>SBL-EAI-04313</siebelf:errorcode><siebelf:errorsymbol>IDS_EAI_WS_OP_NOT_FOUND</siebelf:errorsymbol><siebelf:errormsg>There is no active Web Service with operation named ' Upsert'.(SBL-EAI-04313)</siebelf:errormsg>

since the error is quite clear that the external system is not able to find the method defined in the web service so following probable chances were ommited.

  • EAI Component unavailable
  • Wrong XML formatting 
  • Session Information not available  

after a while i found that the issue was of the parameter Binding provided with the web service port.
I had used SOAP_RPC_LITERAL after changing it to SOAP_DOC_LITERAL the issue was resolved .

Follow the following steps to change the Port.

  • Navigate to Web Service Administration Screen

  • For the selected web service change the value of Binding 

  • Clear Cache and you are done.

i will share more details regarding the ports and binding methods in next post.

hope this was helpful..

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