Tuesday 26 April 2016

How to Fire a Pick Map conditionally based on a field

Hello All,

In constraint picklist we can constraint value of a field based on value of other field like in Case of Couty and State (http://www.siebelfoundations.com/2015/12/configuring-constraint-picklist-in.html).
But what if we want to constraint to work only when there is some value in the constrained field or in simple word how can we constraint picklist conditionally.

for example. Suppose State is constrained on Country so in this case value in state dropdown will appear only based on the constrained value in county. If county is blank no value will appear in state dropdown.

I had to show the value in state dropdown even if no value in country is selected but as per the pick map condition no value would appear because for the pick map to work the value in County should match to value in Description field and if value in country is blank the constraint fails.

So to use the constraint of pickmap conditionally we can use the property UpdateOnlyIfNull under Pick map.

UpdateOnlyIfNull : This property enables the pick map to fire only when the field defined is not null, If the field is null the constraint pickmap works as a copy pick map.(I will explain the difference between copy pick map and constraint pick map in more detail in my next post)

so this way we can conditionly fire a pick map.

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