Thursday 5 May 2016

Unable to access file system using Siebel Scripting

Hello All,

Recently i faced a issue where i was trying to call a sql script from a Business Service but got the following error .
"Error occurred while creating file in filesystem. Please contact your system administrator.(SBL-SVC-00184) "
after some debugging and searching Oracle support i found out that this is because of some security changes in siebel version and above.
 as stated in the below document by oracle.

Siebel eScript: "Access Denied: Cannot access file system file or shell" error in file i/o method of the Clib object (Doc ID 1594198.1)

In Siebel CRM version and onwards a server side code is no more allowed access file system/perform shell operations.
This applies to the following Clib functions:

  • If one need to allow compiled Siebel eScript code to access the file system,  add following System preference of Siebel Application (Name = Value):
          Allow File System Access = TRUE
  • This will only function for Siebel eScript code, compiled in Siebel Tools, so any client side BS must be compiled.
for more details kindly refer oracle bookshelf.

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