Wednesday 2 March 2016

Attaching a link to Control in Form Applet

Hi All,

Recently i had a requirement where i had to give hyperlink on a field on form applet and on click of this link it should navigate to the link specified(ie. if the value of field is it should navigate me to google on clicking the link)
Normally we have option to drildown on a field that takes us to different view which is Drilldown or Dynamic drilldown in Siebel, refer the article (

but In this case we need to navigate to external website so to configure this we need to

  • Set the control as type URL and 
  • Set the readonly property to true.

in the applet the control appears with Hyperlink.

on click of the hyperlink it opens a new window

This way we can use hyperlink on a field to open a new browser window.
Hope this was helpful...


  1. Do we need to pass this url in calculaed field?

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