Friday 19 February 2016

Issue while opening Attachment in Siebel

Hi All,

Recently one of our application user encountered a issue wherein attachment does not open for him only for a particular Service Request.
My first reaction to this was maybe it could be because of some Pop-up blocker setting of browser.
Only a blank pop-up was opening on clicking the Attachment hyperlink.

  • Popup Appearing when trying to open Attachment.

I tried to make some Browser settings as this type of issue where blank popup appears when trying to open a pick applet or MVG appears where Siebel ActiveX objects get corrupted or are not accessed because of browser security setting, but still the same issue.

So finally i tried to compare the record where the Attachment was opening to the error one and shockingly to my knowledge the issue was Attachment name length.

  • The Maximum length of attachment can be 170 characters only
  • If the length exceeds 170 characters attachment won't open rathe a blank popup appers
  • As per the bookshelf this is a product bug and more information can be found in Doc ID 1999159.1 oracle support
  • So the solution is very simple keep Names Simple and Short :-)

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