Saturday 20 May 2017

Siebel Open UI Enhancement ,Part 2: Speech to Text Enhancement

Hello All,

In my previous post ( i tried to implement Text to speech conversion i.e. read out Siebel fields on a button click. So this time i tried to implement something similar on that ground.

If you are an iPhone user you might have explored SIRI functionaly which allows you to control your phone with your voice commands, i tried something similar to that but on a very basic level.

Siebel Speech to Text :

  • This functionality listens users voice as input and sets the spoken text as value in a field. 
  • No 3rd party API or plugin has been used for this 
  • Its default feature of HTML5
  • Its very lightweight, responsive and accurate detection is possible with this  

See below video for basic functionality, will share exact code and advanced functionality in upcoming post on this series..

For exact code please inbox me, i will be happy to share.
Downloadable link to PR(TextConvertor.js) file.

In my next posts i will be sharing some advanced voice control functionality in Siebel.
Siebel will be able to Create ,Delete, Update records on your voice commands same as the features offered by SIRI, i am calling this plugin as SIBI excited ??, stay tuned will demonstrate this in my next post.

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Your suggestions are most welcome..

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