Thursday 3 August 2017

Siebel Open UI Enhancement ,Part 4: Siebel Voice Commands, SIBI The Final API

Hello All,

In the previous articles of this series i explained text to speech functionality and speech to Text functionality.Here i will be sharing some 

Text To Speech :

Text To Speech Advanced :

Speech To Text :

So here in this article i am explaining my final version, this post will demonstrate how Siebel can listen Voice Inputs and perform necessary actions. I call it SIBI

Siebel Voice Commands :

  • This functionality listens users voice as input and Understands commands like , Create a new record, Delete an Existing record, Navigate to next Record and Update a Existing Record
  • User will be able to enter value in any Field by speaking out the text and this API will write the value in field without typing 
  • User Needs to Double Click on the fields to Start entering value in the Form.
  • No 3rd party API or plugin has been used for this 
  • Its default feature of HTML5

Video Demo for the above is:

You can Download sample code here :
So Make Siebel Listen to You ;-) by trying SIBI.
Please share your views about SIBI. Your suggestions are most welcome..

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