Wednesday 13 September 2017

Notifications in Siebel Open UI

Hello All,

In this post lets us discuss some change in Siebel Notifications and Message Broadcast in Open UI.

  • In Siebel HI, scroll messages appeared in the message bar at bottom of the screen.
  • Also, messages can appear in an alert dialog box in the middle of the screen and in the message bar at the bottom of the screen
In Siebel Open UI Notifications and Broadcast Messages are displayed in in notification panes that users access by clicking the Notification icon located at top Right corner, and blinks in different color depending on type of Notification.
It's Much similar to how notifications are displayed in Facebook or Gmail where a highlighted text is displayed above various notification icons.

                                  Sample Facebook Notifications

Notification on Top Right in Siebel 

Notification Summary Detail

These Notification and Messages are Picked from Administration Communication --> Message Broadcast screen. For Custom message(Broadcast Messages) we can explicitly make a record here and can set the visibility of Message to User Specific, Position Specific or Division Specific as shown in below applet and it will appear in Notification Bar.

For Other System Notifications (Report Generation, Call Assignment) an entry is made here in Broadcast Message BC implicitly by Siebel internal processes and is displayed as Notification to user.

I will cover more details of how we can set custom notification on certain events in next article.

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