Friday 6 October 2017

Notifications in Siebel Open UI : Part 2

Hello All,

In this article i will show configuration for Facebook like assignment Notification in siebel for Service Request assignment.

Manual notification can be set from Administration Communication --> Message Broadcast screen details about how to set can be viewed in this article

Rich Notifications

Detailed Notification 

In this article let's try this to automate this via Workflow Policy. We need to set up a Workflow policy and define action for it.

  • Defining Workflow Action 

  • Defining Message Broadcast in Policy Action

Here Define the Subject, "This is Testing" in my case 
Message Template, here define the message and Field Substitutions
Also in the bottom applet we can define the Recipient of the call ,it can be set to Position or Employee  

  • The Next Step is to define a Workflow Policy and Associate the Action with it
once our workflow policy is defined we need to regenerate triggers and add it to Workflow Monitor Agent.
I will cover the steps to generate trigger in my next post.

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