Sunday 12 November 2017

Load Employees in Siebel From CSV FIle : Read CSV File in Siebel

Hello All,

Recently i got a requirement where i had to load Employees in Siebel Application from CSV/Excel file.

There are various approach to achieve this.

1. Create a Business Service and Read excel file using, click here to view example
 COMCreateObject(Excel.Application), it has limitation that it is supported only with windows

2. Create a CSV file a read data using clib() functons like  
   Clib.fputs(sHello, oFile);
   Clib.fgets (nLen, sHello);

3. Using Macros in Excel which in turn calls VB Script and loads data 

4. And my favourite :-), Read CSV File Business Service.

I will explain Read CSV File and its use in this post.

Business Service : Read CSV File

Method Name
Creates an Hierarchy from CSV file.
Converts a Hierarchy to XML format.                              
Input/Output Parameters 

Method Name 
Name and location of File which needs to be loaded eg. C:\Siebel\8.1\Tools_1\TEMP\Employee.csv 
Deletes a file after reading
Max errors allowed before error out
In (Out): Number of records allowed (processed).
Output Hierarchy converted from CSV file structure

Working Example:

Business Case : Need to Load Employees in Siebel from provided CSV file.

Solution : Workflow with following steps 

1. Prepare CSV file for the data format, 

# IO Name 
Field Value,Field1 Value,Field2 Value,Field3 Value

CSV file should be in the format to include IO name in Header, IC and Fields name in sub header with values following from next line.
Note: IO and IC fields must be properly mapped to CSV else workflow will through data error

2. Read CSV file ,Step to read Data from CSV

Provide the location of CSV file and call Business service, refer screenshot below for more details

3. EAI Siebel Adapter, Step to insert data in Siebel 

Pass the output of Previous step to EAI Siebel Adapter and it will insert the record in Siebel Database.

Any Data Validation/Mapping can be done before this step as this step creates the Employee in system.

for more details please refer, Import Marketing Contact vanilla workflow in Siebel tools.
For sample CSV format you can mail me...Happy Learning

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  1. Please send me sample csv file

  2. Need sample excel format that explains MVg field

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  5. Upload fails when there is an extra blank line at the end of CSV.
    Any way to handle this case?

  6. Please share me sample input file


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