Sunday 12 November 2017

Exploring Siebel Vanila Business service : PRM ANI Utility Service

Hello All,

Siebel Application provides a lot of vanilla business services which make it very easy to map any type of requirement/process in the system.

Recently i was working on a Outbound web service where in i needed to provide Input as Hierarchy format based on External IO. So i needed sample IO structure and pass values in the hierarchy.

PRM ANI Utility Service's CreateEmptyPropSet method can be used for this purpose.

This BS takes in Input IO name and using Create Empty Hierarchy method generates empty container hierarchy.

Passing IO Name to Get Blank Hierarchy

Output Blank Hierarchy 

Now Since we have the Input hierarchy container, only thing left is to add nodes in the Input hierarchy (click to see detailed description add elements in the Hierarchy) for this Echo Method of Workflow Utility BS can be used.

value can be set by traversing the hierarchy using .(dot) operator
e.g. IOHierarchy.ListOfRequestReceived.RequestReceived.ACTIVITY_TYPE

Final Hierarchy after setting node values

Now this Hierarchy can be fed as input to Proxy Business service to get the required result.

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