Tuesday 21 November 2017

Read CSV File in Siebel : Working with Multiple Records

Hello All,

In Previous post we created a process to read CSV file and insert Employee data in Siebel Application. The data was simple with employee details, a primary position and a primary responsibility.

Suppose we have a case where we have to insert multiple positions or multiple responsibility with the record, what shall be the changes in that case in our CSV file or is there any other approach for this ?

Well we can handle the above case with our old CSV itself, we just need to make multiple entries for the records as show in screenshot below

here for the same employee data we are making multiple entries of Position and Responsibility and will use Upsert method of EAI Siebel Adapter business service.

For the first row record will be inserted and for the consecutive rows record will be updated.

Second Approach,

Using XSLT Transformation, we can write a XSL file that formats the xml (first convet CSV to XML) in the desired format to group the repeating records. Once formatted the XML can be converted to IO hierarchy and passed to EAI Siebel Adapter.

Both approach are good and depends on users comfort and skill set as second one require good XSL knowledge whereas first one just need data duplication.

for exact code you can mail me ...Happy Learning

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