Wednesday 27 February 2019

Configuring Confirm Popup on New Record

Hello All,

I this post let us experiment with a very common functionality in Siebel.
Confirm Popup on deleting a record.

lets try to make something for New record also, wherein a prompt will appear confirming for new record creation.

to achieve this we need to identify the method invoked ,

  • we can use notification handler SWE_PROP_BC_NOTI_NEW_RECORD for the purpose

Display a prompt and based on user selection continue or cancel the operation

pm.AttachNotificationHandler(consts.get("SWE_PROP_BC_NOTI_NEW_RECORD"), function(){
               var retVal = confirm("Do you want to create a new record ?");
               if( retVal == true ) {
                  //document.write ("User wants to continue!");
                  return true;
               } else {

sample code for reference,

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