Tuesday 12 February 2019

Sticky Notes in Siebel - Siebel Open UI Enhancement

Hello All,

The Title of the post may seem a bit absurd, as what can be the connection of Sticky Notes with Siebel.

But this post is inspired by yellow colored sticky notes which we generally use to jot down some tasks or write important memos.

So, the idea is to make something in siebel, that can be used as a writing pad where we can write some details like Account Name, Password, Username, Frequently used Entities, Mobile number etc.

My Approach,

I wanted to make this SRF and Database Independent , so i decided to juggle with SPF file.
SPF or user preference file in siebel is system generated file that stores details like

  • Last Navigated Records, which we call Recent Records
  • View and Tab Layout
  • Fields Layout
  • Theme Preferences etc.

Now, we need a way to read and write to SPF file and Expose it to logged in user for editing.

Below line of code does the purpose of updating SPF file

pm.OnControlEvent(consts.get("PHYEVENT_INVOKE_CONTROL"),pm.Get(consts.get("SWE_MTHD_UPDATE_USER_PREF")), inputPS);

Detailed Code :

 var inputPS = CCFMiscUtil_CreatePropSet(); 

 //get last value of User Prefrence
 var value = pm.Get ("User-Notes"); 

//set User Prefrence Name
inputPS.SetProperty("Key", "User-Notes");  

//set User Prefrence Value
inputPS.SetProperty("User-Notes", Notes);  
pm.SetProperty("User-Notes", Notes);  

//set our custom User Prefrence
pm.OnControlEvent(consts.get("PHYEVENT_INVOKE_CONTROL"), pm.Get(consts.get("SWE_MTHD_UPDATE_USER_PREF")), inputPS); 

above code initializes a Property set User-Notes   in which we capture the Notes and save in SPF file.

The final part is to create a Canvas to resemble a Sticky Notes , i have tried and achieved below 

Benefits :

  • Values Stays even after logout
  • SRF and Database Independent 
  • Lightweight and concise 
  • No 3rd Party jQuery library required
sample code for reference, 


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